black and white
liver and white
lemon and white
orange and white
solid orange
solid liver
solid black
English Pointers were created in Great Britain around the 1650's. The distant ancestors of the
English Pointer include the Bloodhound, the Foxhound, the Greyhound, and a very old spaniel

The Pointer or English Pointer has an excellent nose and bird hunting instinct and is at its best
when standing in the classic 'point' position when finding game for the hunter.

Pointers are intelligent, energetic and friendly dogs. Apart from being excellent working dogs,
they also make good family dogs due to the easy going temperament. They are good and
patient with children and get along well with all members of the family. This breed is very
energetic and requires a lot of exercise. Keeping a pointer in a flat or apartment is not to be

The head is elegant and clean cut with a soft and intelligent expression and the broad ears are
set high and hang close to the head. The Pointer's coat is glossy and short-haired which lies flat
on the body.

The size of the pointer at the withers: dogs between 63-69 cms, bitches 61-66 cms

The pointer comes in four basic colours.
The difference between lemon and orange is simply the black pigment of the orange pointer in
combination with dark brown eyes, and the flesh pigment of the lemon pointer, combined with
light coloured eyes. This can be clearly seen on the two photos below.
Pointers also come in "solid" or tri-coloured. Some solid's have white markings on the legs and
chest. Tri coloured pointers are very rare.
A pointer can never be a bad colour!
solid puppy photos by courtesy of the Claypond's Kennel Finland

tri-coloured pointer courtesy of Magda Karczewska