World´s End English Pointers

Amber vom Hirndlbründl

22.06.2004 - 29.04.2019        P797

Mäx von der Ebershöhe x Brita z Kneziku


liver and white

'Amber' was a working gundog with impressive show and working  results.

Show: Austrian Junior Champion, Austrian Champion, Veteran Champion,

Best of Breed, placings in the ring of honour at international shows.

European Junior Winner 2005

Austrian Show Winner 2005

Crufts Qualification

Working results: Anlageprüfung 108/108,  VGP,  BGH - A/1/2/3

Amber is the dam of our A and B litters.



Amber was a very special girl. We were so lucky to have her with us for nearly 15 years. At the end, the time had simply come. Amber was on medication for the last few months of her life, she had trouble coping with the constant weather changes in the spring of 2019, one day really warm, the next, icy cold,  for her this was a really big issue. She would turn very lethargic and just sleep all day, she would not eat her food and this, in turn, became a problem because she was losing weight fast. Amber was still happy and would wag her tail but she had just completely slowed down (well she was nearly 15!). She had a small walk every day, but didn't want more than that. And then one morning, when she woke up, she very obviously had water in her lungs. We knew the time had come. Very typically on that day, the vet was already at a home visit to put another dog to sleep, we decided we could not wait, and ended up driving to his surgery where we were with her in her last moments. Amber lays in the garden next to her best friend Anthony and Felix, the pointer we lost through old age in 2003.

Amber was our rock, she was always in a good mood, so easy going with the rest of the pack, never a cross word with them, she was the boss lady and they all knew it. Amber had two litters of pups, she absolutely loved being a mum, she was a real natural. When the time came for her daughter Rory, to have a litter, she couldn't be kept away and when Rory was in the garden, Amber would rush to the puppies and lay down in the whelping box with them. She just couldn't resist it! As the puppies grew older, she was a very willing nanny to them.

Amber was not  the show off show dog that Anthony was, she would do her thing, she stacked naturally so there was no need to move her to stand straight, she did her showing, just like everything in her life, matter of fact. Amber was the most brilliant gundog and was a passionate hunter working under the gun. Amber did 2 VGPs one being in the first prize which is quite a feat for a pointer. We also did the Begleithundeprüfungen stage A right through to to stage 3. That was hard work because she was very stubborn, but I was exceedingly proud of her after we got the stage 3! She is still the talk of the trainer (even though it was so long ago) about how she always wanted to do her own thing.

For a long time after Amber passed I could hear her long nails clicking on our wooden floors. Amber will stay with us forever in our hearts, she was an amazing dog, who had an amazing life and through her children will live on forever in our lines.

Thank you Ambi Bambi, you were the heart and soul of our house, you are and were irreplaceable.